Entry #1

Working on a new Flash!

2013-08-18 04:53:41 by BrotherBear

This time starring Arthur, and a few other undisclosed characters! Here is some of my brainstorming for the cartoon, shown below.

Stay tuned for it!

Working on a new Flash!


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2013-08-18 18:17:36

Hmmm your other Arthur flash got blamed.
So let's see how this works out.

BrotherBear responds:

The only difference is that it has original art and animation.


2013-08-19 14:22:20

A word of advice I'd like to give to you is no one really likes that Microsoft Sam voice. Another little piece of advice I'd like to give you is we don't need another HardHart on the site. His annoying spam is already a pain in the ass and his some of his 'fans' consist of people who just want to see his movies in their feed so they can blam them as soon as they come out. I like that in your latest movie is actually animated, not some picture, but you should get a voice actor or do it yourself. For a lot of people, as soon as they hear that Microsoft Sam voice, they're going to vote zero just because it sounds so awful. I know some people on Youtube would like it, but here it just gets you a ton of hate that nobody wants. And if you don't believe me, look at the reviews on your submissions that passed. A little improvement would do everybody some good.

BrotherBear responds:

I understand. To some people, it's hilarious, but I know to others it's a pain in the ass to listen to. However, HardHart's movies pass at least 90% of the time, and there definitely are legitimate fans of his movies, who actually find the Speakonia, still photos, and gay sex theme to be hilarious.

I appreciate you acknowledging the fact that I used animation this time, but I understand most people would probably prefer an actual human voice speaking this time. The score of the Arthur and Barney movie so far as it is under judgement is hovering over a 2.00 now, so some people are rating it a better score compared to HardHart's movies or my movies that use the same theme.

Thank you for the constructive review though! I will take all of that into consideration. I won't limit myself into making Flash submissions using the same humor. I will also upload some Flash movies of music videos pretty soon, which also will feature actual animation and won't really have anything related to gay sex this time.


2013-08-19 15:11:32

I know he has legit fans, but I'm pretty sure he has fake fans as well who just want to try and get some blam points. I just don't want you or anybody else turning into a complete spammer like him. How his submissions pass is beyond my knowledge and they contain extremely dry humor that only consists of making fun of gays and using the word 'fuck.' He just makes those SME's because he knows he can upload shitty content. He even told me that when he replied to me on one of his news posts. I don't want the Portal to be full of spam that barely passes judgment, you know? If you really want to make Flash like that, save it for Clock Day because that's what Clock Day celebrates. Again, I liked that you actually did a little animation with your latest movie, it's an improvement. You're welcome for the constructive criticism, I can offer it anytime. Just keep trying to improve your skills. I'm pretty sure you'd rather have positive reviews, not people swearing at you, telling you to leave Newgrounds, and whatever other nasty things they want to throw at you. There's plenty of idiots on this site who freak out like a spastic toddler when they see something they don't like instead of telling you where you can improve. But hey, if people do post reviews like that, flag them as abusive and get yourself some easy whistle points. In the end, the best way to go is to put some work into your movies, so you can get some positive reviews, and possibly some good recognition. You also get to keep some self esteem that way. I hope you excel!


2013-08-25 02:45:05

Your art is shit.

BrotherBear responds:

you did know that was a brainstorm? also, did you even watch the Flash? that "art" is really just a trace over Barney and Arthur from their respective TV shows, so basically you're saying Barney and Arthur have shitty art or character designs.